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Trois lieux

Institut Philippe-Pinel, chambre type

École nationale de police du Québec, salle de simulation

Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale (SQ), morgue

Philippe-Pinel Institute, standard room, 2014
In 1963, the Quebec government decides to build a high-security psychiatric hospital to replace the Bordeaux psychiatric hospital. The Philippe-Pinel Institute of Montreal opens its doors in 1970. This Institute receives patients who come from throughout Quebec and from penal institutions or other health establishments too.

Police National School of Quebec, simulation room, 2014
In 1969, The Police Quebec Institute of Nicolet received its first recruits. In 1974, the Institute employs actors to play police simulations. On 5 May 1997, the police new base formation program entered. This program is essentially based on an experiential approach. A virtual police station is created. It is part of a concrete and strictly supervised approach of learning process: the students play the roles of policemen inside scenarios.

Laboratory of judiciary sciences and forensics (SQ), morgue, 2014
In 1914, the Quebec government created the first North American laboratory of forensic assessments in Montreal. Today, the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale includes different fields of expertise like toxicology, biology and DNA study, documents and writing, fires and explosions, chemistry and ballistics. The Quebec laboratory is specific because it contains a forensic institute. Here, the dummy, arrived in its end, is brought down to the morgue by ballistics team.