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Les travailleurs

Les travailleurs

Yves Lemelin, afficheur, de la série Les travailleurs

Serge Doucet, cardiologue, de la série Les travailleurs

Jeannine et Marcel Léonard, fermière, de la série Les travailleurs

Conrad Tremblay, pompier, de la série Les travailleurs

Annick, escorte, de la série Les travailleurs

Les travailleurs

This documentary is made up of 110 photographs taken by 45 workers in their workspaces. Representing various sectors of employment in Quebec (according to 1999 data), including professions not indexed in these statistics — housewife, prostitute, unemployed person etc. —, these images show places devoid of human presence. A transfer of authorship that allowed access to locations closed to strangers. Here we don't have portraits of faces but portraits of gazes.


2005 Arbeitshaus Einatmen, Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresde, Germany
2003 Lieux anthropiques, Casa Vallarta, Guadalajara
2002 La vie en temps réel/Mode ralenti, VOX gallery, Montreal