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Statistical landscape

Chris Macallum, Instructor-therapist, Thistletown Regional Centre

Statistical Landscape

Mike Collins (Other Services Except Public Administration)

Statistical Landscape

Sean Reuther (Manufacturing)

Reno Strano (Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services)

Sean Tai (Information and Cultural Industries)

Twenty employees were asked to take pictures of their workspace, such as to represent 20 sectors of employment in Toronto (source: Statistics Canada). The size of each image is keyed to the number of workers in the sector it represents. For the time of the shoot, these spaces only produce images. A freely distributed poster gives information on the photographer and the sector.
A project in cooperation with Mercer Union Gallery, Toronto

Exhibitions :

2005 The space of making, Neuer Berliner Kuntsverein Berlin
2005 Stadtische Museum Zwickau, Kunstmuseum Heidenheim
2005 Stadtische Waldkraiburg Gallery, Germany