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La Providence

1_La Providence - Soeur Marie-Paule Arsenault

2_La Providence - Sœur Réjeanne Fortin

3_La Providence - Sœur Réjeanne Grandmaison

La Providence - Sœur Madeleine Therrien


How the members of the Sisters of Charity of Montréal, more commonly known as the Grey Nuns, see the future? In "La Providence", we encounter the retired nuns in the generic apartments called home, after having recently vacated their one hundred and fifty years old Mother House in downtown Montréal. Still active, they recount their missionary work in Africa and in the Canadian North, reflect on their impending death and reunion with their husband, the Eternal Father, and the precarious future of their dwindling order.

Special thanks to Sisters Madeleine Therrien, Réjeanne Fortin, Evelyne Blanchard, Cécile Montpetit, Réjeanne Grandmaison, Marie-Paule Arsenault et Ginette Bacon.

With the voice in english of Aleck Guès

La Providence, 2014, single-channel HD video installation with sound, 29 minutes, French with English version available on headphones


2014 BNLMTL 2014 - Montreal Biennial, Montreal Museum of contemporary art