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Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea

1_Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea

2_Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea

3_Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea

4_Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea

5_Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea

In "Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea", voice-overs combine with views of the sea. Strolling along the English coast, where the climat is milder, ageing personnes respond to a question: how do you see the future? Some more optimistic than others focus on their remaining time; others worried about the England future, nostalgically comment on the lack of civility and human contact in the world today.

Postcard from Bexhill-on-Sea, 2014, single-channel HD video installation with sound, 18 minutes, English with French version available on headphones.


2014 BNLMTL 2014 - Montreal Biennial, Montreal Museum of contemporary art